StartsWith with StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase versus ToUpper on .NET 8

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08 Apr 2024 @ 01:08

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08 Apr 2024 @ 01:08

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.NET 8


#StringComparison #Strings

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using BenchmarkDotNet.Attributes;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Columns;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Configs;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Environments;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Jobs;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Reports;
using System;

[HideColumns("Error", "StdDev", "Median", "RatioSD")]
public class StartsWithOrdinalIgnoreCase
    private readonly string _input = "https://dot.net";

    [Benchmark(Baseline = true)]
    public bool IsHttps_ToUpper() => _input.ToUpperInvariant().StartsWith("HTTPS://");

    public bool IsHttps_StringComparison() => _input.StartsWith("HTTPS://", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);

    private class Config : ManualConfig
        public Config()
            AddJob(Job.Default.WithId(".NET 8").WithRuntime(CoreRuntime.Core80));

            SummaryStyle =

// .NET 8
public bool IsHttps_ToUpper()
    return _input.ToUpperInvariant().StartsWith("HTTPS://");
// .NET 8
public bool IsHttps_StringComparison()
    return _input.StartsWith("HTTPS://", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);

// .NET 8
.method public hidebysig 
    instance bool IsHttps_ToUpper () cil managed 
    .custom instance void [BenchmarkDotNet.Annotations]BenchmarkDotNet.Attributes.BenchmarkAttribute::.ctor(int32, string) = (
        01 00 1b 00 00 00 01 5f 01 00 54 02 08 42 61 73
        65 6c 69 6e 65 01
    // Method begins at RVA 0x2050
    // Code size 22 (0x16)
    .maxstack 8

    // sequence point: (line 28, col 38) to (line 28, col 86) in _
    IL_0000: ldarg.0
    IL_0001: ldfld string StartsWithOrdinalIgnoreCase::_input
    IL_0006: callvirt instance string [System.Runtime]System.String::ToUpperInvariant()
    IL_000b: ldstr "HTTPS://"
    IL_0010: callvirt instance bool [System.Runtime]System.String::StartsWith(string)
    IL_0015: ret
// .NET 8
.method public hidebysig 
    instance bool IsHttps_StringComparison () cil managed 
    .custom instance void [BenchmarkDotNet.Annotations]BenchmarkDotNet.Attributes.BenchmarkAttribute::.ctor(int32, string) = (
        01 00 1e 00 00 00 01 5f 00 00
    // Method begins at RVA 0x2067
    // Code size 18 (0x12)
    .maxstack 8

    // sequence point: (line 31, col 47) to (line 31, col 112) in _
    IL_0000: ldarg.0
    IL_0001: ldfld string StartsWithOrdinalIgnoreCase::_input
    IL_0006: ldstr "HTTPS://"
    IL_000b: ldc.i4.5
    IL_000c: callvirt instance bool [System.Runtime]System.String::StartsWith(string, valuetype [System.Runtime]System.StringComparison)
    IL_0011: ret

// .NET 8 (X64)
    L0000: sub rsp, 0x28
    L0004: mov rdx, [rcx+8]
    L0008: cmp [rdx], dl
    L000a: mov rcx, 0x1ba28000590
    L0014: mov rcx, [rcx]
    L0017: call qword ptr [0x7ff8a875f0a8]
    L001d: cmp [rax], al
    L001f: mov rdx, 0x1ba2805fcc8
    L0029: mov rdx, [rdx]
    L002c: mov rcx, rax
    L002f: xor r8d, r8d
    L0032: add rsp, 0x28
    L0036: jmp qword ptr [0x7ff8a85962f8]
// .NET 8 (X64)
    L0000: vzeroupper
    L0003: mov rax, [rcx+8]
    L0007: cmp dword ptr [rax+8], 8
    L000b: jl short L002f
    L000d: vmovups xmm0, [rax+0xc]
    L0012: vpor xmm0, xmm0, [StartsWithOrdinalIgnoreCase.IsHttps_StringComparison()]
    L001a: vpxor xmm0, xmm0, [StartsWithOrdinalIgnoreCase.IsHttps_StringComparison()]
    L0022: vptest xmm0, xmm0
    L0027: sete al
    L002a: movzx eax, al
    L002d: jmp short L0031
    L002f: xor eax, eax
    L0031: ret

Benchmark Description:

The provided benchmark code is designed to measure and compare the performance of two different methods for checking if a given string starts with a specific prefix in a case-insensitive manner. This benchmark is set up using BenchmarkDotNet, a powerful .NET library for benchmarking code performance. The benchmark is configured to run on .NET 8, as indicated by the configuration setup within the `Config` class. This specific version of .NET is chosen to ensure the benchmarks are run on a consistent and modern runtime environment, which helps in obtaining relevant and up-to-date performance insights. ### General Setup - **.NET Version**: The benchmark specifies the use of .NET 8 (`CoreRuntime.Core80`), ensuring that the tests are run on a specific and modern version of the .NET runtime. - **BenchmarkDotNet Configuration**: The configuration class `Config` extends `ManualConfig` from BenchmarkDotNet, allowing customization of the benchmarking environment. It specifies the use of `.NET 8` runtime and customizes the summary style to display ratio percentages. - **Memory Diagnoser**: The `[MemoryDiagnoser]` attribute is used to diagnose memory usage, providing insights into the allocations made by each benchmark method. - **Column Hiding**: The `[HideColumns]` attribute is used to simplify the output by hiding specific columns like Error, StdDev (Standard Deviation), Median, and RatioSD (Ratio Standard Deviation). ### Benchmark Methods #### 1. `IsHttps_ToUpper()` - **Purpose**: This method checks if the `_input` string starts with "HTTPS://" by first converting the entire `_input` string to uppercase using `ToUpperInvariant()` and then using `StartsWith("HTTPS://")` to perform the comparison. - **Performance Aspect**: This benchmark is designed to measure the performance implications of converting an entire string to uppercase as a means to perform a case-insensitive comparison. It tests both the computational overhead of the `ToUpperInvariant()` method and the subsequent `StartsWith` operation. - **Expected Insights**: Running this benchmark will help understand the cost (in terms of execution time and memory allocations) associated with string manipulation through case conversion before performing a comparison. It is generally expected to be less efficient due to the additional string allocation and processing involved in the `ToUpperInvariant()` call. #### 2. `IsHttps_StringComparison()` - **Purpose**: This method directly checks if the `_input` string starts with "HTTPS://" in a case-insensitive manner by using the `StartsWith` method with `StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase` as a parameter. - **Performance Aspect**: The benchmark aims to measure the efficiency of performing a case-insensitive comparison without modifying the original string. It specifically tests the performance of the `StartsWith` method when using the `StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase` comparison option. - **Expected Insights**: This method is expected to be more efficient than the `IsHttps_ToUpper()` method because it avoids the overhead of converting the `_input` string to uppercase. The direct use of `StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase` allows for a more optimized comparison that doesn't require additional string allocations or transformations. The results should typically show lower execution times and fewer memory allocations compared to the `IsHttps_ToUpper()` method. ### Summary By comparing these two methods, the benchmark aims to highlight the performance benefits of using more direct and optimized string comparison techniques (`IsHttps_StringComparison()`) over more manual and potentially less efficient approaches (`IsHttps_ToUpper()`). The insights gained can guide developers in choosing more performant string comparison strategies in their .NET applications, especially in scenarios where such comparisons are frequent or critical for performance.

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